Day 3 of 6

Account of the Day (By Matt)

The campsite early in the morning. Charlie on the trail. Lamb's ear grew on a nearby hilltop.
Charlie scans the lake. I strike a pose. Sparky on the pier.
Gazing up at the Baker Hotel. Jen and I admire the entrance. The Nazareth Asylum is now a Child Welfare office.
Would you buy your medical supplies from here? I pose on the park gazebo with Jen. The Black Horse Cafe.
I consider these kind of signs more of a... suggestion. Well it wasn't technically 'out.' The Mineral Wells skyline.
'Get the hell in the car, Sparky.' This wasn't an encouraging sign. Hiking in Possum Kingdom.
A view from the hilltop. Overlooking the lake at Possum Kingdom. They drive kind of strange out in the country.

A postcard of the Hexagon House Hotel.

Official Website of the Baker Hotel.

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