Day 5

Jen's Account of the Day

We woke up early and hungry. Unfortunately, the only breakfast on the island was open at 8:30 (and it turned out to be closer to 9). They had some awesome looking muffins and fresh loaves of bread, so we took some of those to go. We also grabbed some pain pills for my still-extremely sore legs.

After our shopping trip, Matt and I went hiking down to a place called the Valley of Shadows. I don’t get it, but it was a nice walk. We intended to go stop by the butcher’s shop, but we missed the turn and ended up walking all the way around town back to the lagoon.

When we got back it started to rain, and the combination of that and the wind hitting the palm leaves sent me right to sleep. Matt, meanwhile, went snorkeling with the others. He woke me up around 3 telling me to go get dinner while he went back to go play on the beach. I grabbed my backpack to carry food easier and off I went.

I should’ve also grabbed the map. None of the streets are marked, and I missed the turn again, since I was counting roads and one road I thought was a trail and wasn’t counting it. So around the island again I went. I stopped by one of the general stores and picked up some fruit and salami for tomorrow’s trip. I got back to the room (like an hour later) and picked up the map, and this time I finally found the Top Shop. The shopkeeper was a kind woman and helped me pick out some fish for dinner. I also got some corn and $15 /kilo grapes.

I had been gone for so long that Matt went after me, and when he got back I sent him right out again for a lemon, some foil and oil for dinner. I cooked the fish in foil pouches alongside the grilled corn. Everything was pretty delicious. Matt bought some beer while he was at the general store and we had that too. The sun going down so early is messing with everyone’s sleep schedule; by 7 PM we were all sleeping or about to fall asleep.

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