Day 7

Jen's Account of the Day

Our dive time had been changed to the afternoon, so we had some time to kill beforehand. We headed to the museum after breakfast (guess where?) and got some internet access as well as toured their little exhibits on island history and ecology. They had a map of all known shipwrecks around LHI. They like to name the rocks after their first victim.

Diving was so much fun. They wouldn’t let Matt go since he passed out yesterday, but they let him snorkel. I was pretty nervous and it took a while for me to get the hang of it, but I was out of air and back on top before I knew it. I had problems ballasting myself. I’d empty the air in the vest and not go anywhere. Then they’d put more weights on me and I’d sink to the bottom. Then I put more air in the thingy and shoot right back up to the surface. The instructor basically ended up hanging on to me so I wouldn’t go anywhere.

We dove not far from the lagoon, on the other side of Rabbit Island. There was this hole of deeper water and some coral and bunches of fishies. We saw two stingrays: one was at least two feet wide, probably closer to three. I want to get SCUBA certified when we get back.

After cleaning up, we went to dinner at Pinetrees, which some fellow visitors had raved about the day before on the bird walk. It was a fixed four-course meal, and quite delicious. Matt had the kingfish, I had the duck, though I think everyone’s favorite (even the vegetarian) was the salmon mousse bites they served before the meal.

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