Day 8

Jen's Account of the Day

I slept through most of this day. I was feeling really worn out after the diving yesterday and the nights on this godawful mattress have caught up to me. That and I have spider and mosquito bites everywhere. Thereís even one on my butt.

I was finally roused around 1 and we went and had what I think was our only lunch at the Anchorage. I was still pretty out of it, so I just had coffee and fries. Today was a free day. Ashley and Nick went off on the hikes they hadnít done yet (and to pick up something for dinner) and we kind of lounged about and read.

Since we let Nick pick out dinner, it was meat with a side of meat. Chorizo sausages, ďmystery sausagesĀE(ingredients: lamb, pork, sawdust?), with a few beef kabobs. Ashely brought some levity with some garlic bread. I felt pretty awful after eating this heavily, and I didnít take a Benadryl since I had problems with it last night. Weíll see how this goes.

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