Day 13

Jen's Account of the Day

We had a second day in Coff’s Harbour. The morning was pretty gloomy and there were surfers on the beach. Well, there were like two surfers and a bunch of people bobbing up and down while sitting on their surfboards. We went to breakfast at some restaurant Nick had found somehow, which was much, much better than dinner. Apparently pancakes with ice cream are a thing here. I did not partake.

After that, we went on our originally scheduled trip to the waterfall. We were originally going to do a full 3km or so circuit trail, but we were running a bit behind, so we just hiked down to the falls and returned. It was a pretty nice waterfall, with a path behind it so you could walk underneath.

We pressed onward to the Big Banana, which is some sort of tourist trap with a big banana in front of it. We were pretty hungry, so we hit their café first. It took them like 20 minutes to cook our hamburgers, but I had a chocolate covered banana afterward which was pretty good.

The real reason we were here was so that Nick could do the toboggan run, and “redeem himself” from the Roatura luge last year, when he got stuck. It was pretty fun, but not as fun or exciting as the one in NZ. Nick also wanted to see their little video presentation on bananas, but it was an hour long and we were able to talk him out of it. We hit their handmade candy shop and returned to the hotel.

Ashley wanted to bum around on the beach, but it was not a good day for beach bumming, so she went back to bed instead. I hadn’t slept well, so I went back to read and ended up crashing myself. I think the men went to walk down the beach.

Earlier, I’d suggested we have McD’s for dinner alongside our wine, so after a quick trip to the golden arches, we had dinner and a few bottles of wine at the hotel while playing poker with all of our Australian change. There was also cheese.

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Click here for a video of riding the Land Luge

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