Day 14

Jen's Account of the Day

It was time for us to leave Coff’s Harbour for the big push south to Sydney. After another breakfast at the Crystal Café (more pancakes!) we visited the butterfly house before hitting the highway.

The butterfly house was small, but pretty, and we finally found a souvenir we wanted (a wooden kookaburra box). Matt managed to knock down this little kid in the gift shop, who promptly bawled for 15 minutes. That’s my hubby. He got lost in the maze later.

On the way to Newcastle, Nick wanted to stop by this nature preserve. It was a bit out of the way, but we had a good lunch there. I think everyone at this point was sick of walking through the jungle, but it was pleasant. The weather had started to turn cooler and it was threatening rain, so we got back on our way.

It poured all the way to our hotel. The wind was so bad in Newcastle the rain was falling at over a 45 degree angle. Matt had apparently forgotten to make the reservation, but we were fortunately able to get a room anyway. None of us wanted to go out for dinner, which turned out to be a good decision because everything was closed anyway. We ate a mediocre dinner at the hotel instead, but stayed warm and dry.

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