Ascii Edit

AsciiEdit is a free program that allows you to edit images that were converted using AsciiConvert, in the style of old-fashioned ascii art from the day of BBS yore.

Version History

v1.0 - Initial Release

v1.1 - Fixed issue causing crashes when loading images that required zooming

How to Use

First, Download the program and unzip it into whichever directory you wish to use. There's no install, and the program does not alter your registry or any settings.

Once the program is open, it will look like this:

Click once to bring up the main configuration, which will load a default image:

The left text box is the image you're editing, us the left mouse button to paint with the active color (selected colorbox on the toolbar to the right) or the right button to place a selected character (from the character boxes below that.) Click on the toolbox icon or color to change the selection, right-click on the colors to define your own.

The ".BIN" file consists of all the characters in a binary file, in the manner shown below:

		    writer.Write(x); //x dim (int)
                    writer.Write(y); //y dim (int)

                    for (tx = 0; tx < x; tx++)  //x characters wide
                        for (ty = 0; ty < y; ty++) //y characters tall
                            writer.Write(charmatrix[tx, ty]); //character (int)
                            writer.Write(r); //r (double)
                            writer.Write(g); //g (double)
                            writer.Write(b); //b (double)
                        } //for ty
                    } //for tx

Where the double values are all color indexes between 1 (saturated) and 0 (absent.) For the purposes of this program, they're all one, which represents each character foreground color being bright white. Although this format

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