Day 4

Jen's Account of the Day

Dinner was fun, although a little pricey for what you got. Typical touristy thing. I woke up the next morning nice and sore, and we started packing for our flight to Lord Howe Island after Matt got back from his walk of shame to Hertz. Someone stole all of the cash, but everything else seems to be intact.

The flight was uneventful, and we arrived at LHI’s “airport” (an airstrip with a house in front of it) about midday. Our innkeeper met us there and drove us and our baggage to our cottage. The location is convenient, but this has to be the most uncomfortable mattress I’ve slept on since my days at Handai. And there was a giant (ok, like 1.5”) spider in the bathroom. I made my husband end its miserable life before I would go in there again.

I was still incredibly sore and just wanted to lie down for a little while after we got in. Matt and the others went exploring. I later got up and did a little wandering around myself. The island is stunning, with several beaches and a beautiful lagoon.

We made dinner reservations, which turned out to be completely irrelevant since there was only like one person there. Dinner was good, but expensive (I don’t even know why I bother mentioning this at this point). The island is more or less pitch dark after the sun goes down, so we did a little staggering down the street. It did make a nice opportunity to see the stars.

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Click here for a brief video of the swarming fish during feeding.

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