Day 12

Jen's Account of the Day

Today was a travel day, so we packed up all of our stuff up, had another impromptu breakfast, and headed south to Coff’s Harbour. It was a nice, but lengthy, drive through the mountains on some busy two-lane roads under construction. We made two stops on the way: one was a planned hike, the other an unplanned trip to a beach that Ashley had heard about from some of the women on Lord Howe.

Ashley was tired of hiking and being in the woods and wanted to go to a beach, so off to a beach we went. It was a nice beach, but just a beach. Just not my thing, my guess.

After the beach we headed straight to our hotel. We were pretty tired and just wanted to get something to eat and go to bed. Nick picked out a place which, after wandering around for a little bit, we discovered was closed. We went to this place called the Greenhouse or something, and the food was pretty awful. The only person who liked his meal was Nick. I hardly ate mine, and Ashley felt sick afterward. Scratch that one off the list.

The hotel itself was quite nice, across the street from the beach with a nice ocean view from our balcony. The water was too rough for swimming, and you could hear the waves crash up against the shore from inside. The only problem was that there was no AC in the bedrooms, which got a little stuffy.

Before bed we decided to drink one of the bottles of wine, because we just had to… There was snacking and giggles.

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